How to slide into summer happy, healthy, peaceful and present

Mindful mamas (and dads) out there, have you noticed that this time of year rivals the holidays as far as the level of activities, commitments, “busyness” and overall stress?

I don’t know about you but my schedule, all of a sudden, is crazy packed! Just trying to schedule a routine doctor’s appointment or lunch with my mom seems like an insurmountable feat when I look at my calendar.

How did life get so busy all of a sudden?

As I received yet another end-of-school event email I felt the panic setting in.

Then it hit me. I realized this is how it is every year!

In years past, come June 1st I am a vague resemblance of the calm, relatively organized and well-rested mom that I strive to be the rest of the year. I somehow have little recollection of May, other than the piles of unfolded laundry, unpaid bills, and a sad looking pantry. Proof that I did live it, my family survived it, but what a blur it was!

As I see the collective stress level rise among myself and the greater mom population I decided this year would be different.

I sat down, took deep breath and dug into my own personal toolbox for keeping myself happy, healthy and sane. I committed to the following four principles right then and there and want to share them with you too.

My goal this May is to as seamlessly, and gracefully as possible transition into summer. No frazzled, exhausted hot-mess here, but a sane, happy, healthy and present mama!

Won’t you join me?

4 Tips for staying Sane, Happy, Healthy and Present this May

Moms out there, I truly believe this time of year rivals the holidays as far as the level of activities, commitments, “busyness” and overall stress. But somehow we don’t seem to give this season the credit it deserves!

As I see the collective stress level rise among mom friends out there (mine too!) I wanted to share four simple tips to stay sane as we transition into summer.


Ok, ok, no huge surprise here. But ladies, we all know, just as it usually happens around the holidays, when we get busy, things are chaotic and schedules change, oftentimes our self care is the first to go.

You know what you need to do to stay happy and healthy, whether that’s keeping up with your workouts NO MATTER WHAT, keeping up with quality sleep (and enough of it), keeping your healthy eating habits in check, maintaining that meditation practice you fought for, or something else completely. Whatever it is for you, recommit to it this last month of school. No matter what, maintain those practices. When mom is feeling good, everyone is feeling good.


I say this a lot  and right now is a super important time to embrace it. If you’re not already, you’re likely going to be asked to help out, attend social events and end of year activities more than ever. We’re cramming everything in before the kids are out for summer.

You hereby have permission to say no to anything that isn’t a hell yes right now. Protect and prioritize your time, so that you are not a hot mess come June 1st! Say yes to the things that genuinely interest and excite you. Graciously say no to the things that you will dread or will drain you, especially if they’re going to get in the way of you taking care of you (see #1). There will be more opportunities, I promise.

And you are under no obligation to explain why you’re declining or give a list of other things you are already doing. You can certainly apologize for not being able to help out (although honestly, you never HAVE to apologize for saying no) but let go of feeling like you have justify a hell no.


It sounds a bit cliche, but sometimes we need to be reminded. Piggy-backing on #2, if you miss an event, if you’re late for a performance, if you double-book yourself and have to back out of something, or space something out completely, don’t sweat it. Seriously, let that sh*t go. A year from now (probably even in just a month), it won’t mean a thing and you’re only human. No self-loathing allowed. Let go of the guilt and move on to what’s next.


This last month of the school year is going to fly by. In fact, before we know it, it’ll be the Fourth of July. (It always happens like that!) Enjoy these last days and weeks of whatever grade or season your child is in right now because you won’t get it back. Racing through this time with your hair on fire might feel like survival mode but I invite you to stop, take a breath, sit down with your kiddos or just observe them from afar. Notice a few special things about them, how they are right now, and how exciting this time of year is. Just be in it. When we’re truly present, we can’t help but be grateful, often times even overwhelmed with gratitude. And that’s a good feeling, it’s a healing feeling and a restorative one. Embrace it because this time is precious and fleeting!

Alright, Warrior Queen Mamas (and Papas!) get out there and do your thing. Stay happy, healthy, peaceful and present. Don’t forget to have FUN and let me know how it goes!

In solidarity! 😉


PS Ladies, join us over in Sexy, Spiritual, Sane with Katie Garces for ongoing community and support!

Photo by Animesh Basnet on Unsplash