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We’ve all been there.

Sometimes life runs us at an olympian pace. Breakfast equals shoving down muffin crumbs from your lap while in the school drop-off lane. Lunch at your desk. An afternoon latte. That handful of chips that “doesn’t really count.” Chinese takeout for dinner (it has broccoli!). Birthday cake. The soft couch and deep sigh as dusk closes in with a glass (or two) of wine. Sleep… Hopefully. Then repeat.

Then there’s vacation! It was planned around rest, relaxation and re-centering yourself. Margaritas and a hammock do that, right?

It’s life. A beautiful whirlwind of day-to-day tasks, people, places, tears and fun. The only problem is, sometimes that whirlwind spins us around just a little too much. No matter how hard we try to make healthy, responsible, grown up choices, when the vortex is spinning, it can take control of our moments.

After a while, we find ourselves feeling a little foggier, a little slower, maybe a even a tiny bit heavier, and just not our best selves overall.

Why does this happen? Because a fast pace and unconscious choices can actually clutter up our bodies and our minds. Making poor food and lifestyle choices can make us overly tired, create inflammation in our bodies, fuel cravings for the bad stuff and spark mood swings.

No one needs that.

Sometimes we just need a kick In the pants to help us reset, refocus and move forward making healthy, energizing choices for ourselves. Katie’s Grown Up 10-Day RESET is the perfect solution to get you back on track.

Katie Garces Testimonial

“The Grown Up RESET was a great experience for both my husband and I. It was easy to figure out what to eat and we never felt deprived. Plus, we could have chocolate every day! Not only have we both lost a little weight (4lbs for me and 7lbs for DH), we are less bloated and have much less brain fog. Thank you, Katie, for creating this program!”


What is a “Reset?”

It’s a pivot. A place where you can turn away from the bad and take your first steps toward smarter, better choices. It’s a time for your body to rest and literally “reset” its metabolic functions. Katie will show you exactly how to remove the “junk” and replace it with 10 days of nutritious whole foods that unlock and reboot your metabolism while nourishing your mind and spirit too.

Why 10 days?

Because within 10 days of following this program, your body will have effectively eliminated inflammatory foods and the toxins they produce in your body. It takes time to filter out the bad and replace it with the good. Plus, no matter what state of mind or body you’re in right now, you can do ANYTHING for 10 days. This Reset is simple, easy to follow and because it’s just over a week, it doesn’t feel overwhelming!

Are you…

  • Ready to begin gaining control of your weight? Katie’s Grown Up 10-Day RESET is the perfect starter framework.
  • Tired of being tired? Katie knows why it’s happening and how to help you make a change. Let’s boost your energy and revive your spirit.
  • Over do it? We all have. Recover from too much celebration by cleaning up from within.
  • Feeling slow and bloated and not sure why? Your insides are asking for some love.
  • Craving the bad stuff? Resetting can help send those cravings packing.

Here’s what you’ll receive

A professionally structured, easy-to-follow plan for resetting your life through proper nutrition and self-care… sent directly to your personal inbox! Once you purchase, this Reset is yours forever, to utilize whenever you need it! Katie’s Grown Up 10-Day RESET includes:

  • A 45-page, self-contained and printable E-Book PDF document that is yours to keep forever!
  • Katie’s guidelines for eating the right foods in the right macronutrient combinations.
  • A prep guide for purging the old, planning ahead and stocking your pantry and fridge with real, whole, nutrient dense food.
  • A sample 10-day whole-foods meal plan outlining examples of what to enjoy for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks.
  • Links to healthy, easy-to-follow recipes.
  • Suggestions for stress reduction/mindfulness exercises for each Reset day.
  • High quality vitamin, mineral and probiotic supplement recommendations.
  • Access to the Grown Up RESET Facebook Community.
  • Resources and favorite products to help make your reset even better!


| One time purchase |

Reset with real food.

During The Grown Up RESET, you’ll be preparing your meals with whole, clean foods and ingredients. Katie recommends a variety of products that she uses herself every day and recommends to her clients during one-on-one coaching sessions. She’s included a shopping list and handy links within the Grown Up Reset program, or you can stock up now to keep your pantry clean and healthy every day!


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