Introducing Eating Intuitively, Katie’s super popular audio program now available for only 24.99! Learn how to finally release the grip of dieting restrictions, and start listening to your body again.

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Over it? I finally was.

After approximately 25ish years of constant dieting, body-image struggles (understatement), and at times a pretty distorted relationship with food, I decided I was done. Done dieting, done listening to the “experts”, done forcing myself into a plan that inevitably failed. Every. Time.

The year I turned 40, I hit a turning point.

I was so tired.

Emotionally tired of the battle in my head. Physically tired from the nutritional ups and down. Spiritually empty from placing all of my energy outward instead of inward where it could truly benefit me.

And so, I hit a turning point. I decided to start listening to my body and trusting it.

This was SCARY. But I knew I couldn’t keep bouncing from diet to diet, plan to plan… and I embraced intuitive eating with everything I had. Does this sound familiar? Are you tired of the “all  or nothing” diet mindset?

Ready to get off the damn roller coaster already?
Are you confused with all the conflicting information out there about what is the best diet?
Are you exhausted from the constant internal battle, the guilt and the spiraling?
Ready to find peace with food and drop the struggle once and for all?

Do you believe it’s even possible?

I’m here to tell you it is (and I would have never believed it either!)
Eating intuitively has brought me a sense of peace around food and eating that I never thought possible.

I’ve lost weight, I am more present in my life and relationships because I’m no longer distracted (obsessed?) with food. I’ve had success emotionally, physically and spiritually. I am happy. I feel like I’ve discovered this incredibly powerful secret… and I get to pass it on to anyone and everyone who’s ever struggled with eating and diets, their weight and their relationship with food.

I’m so excited to share my new audio program with you, so you can begin to discover for yourself, the many mind and body benefits that eating intuitively brings.

Here’s what you’ll receive

• A 2 part, downloadable audio seminar that you can listen to whenever, forever
• A 5-pg worksheet/journal that clears the path for a new way of eating and living

For only $24.99, and from the comfort of your own home, you can access this two part audio series with accompanying worksheet and journal prompts. It’s like a virtual workshop that you can attend again and again! Check out what Katie covers:

  • Katie’s own personal journey with dieting and her intuitive eating successes
  • Diet and the diet mindset, particularly as it relates to women and the female brain
  • Why dieting doesn’t work (and never will)
  • Willpower and cravings
  • Defining and exploring our relationship with food
  • What is Eating Intuitively?
  • Katie’s 9 Fundamentals of Eating Intuitively
  • How to get started today


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“Intuitive eating has brought me so much freedom and peace. I can’t believe how much mental energy I used to waste around diets, dieting and food. But now that I have jumped off of the roller coaster, I am able to focus that energy in more meaningful places in my life — and my life feels so much fuller because of it”


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“Having a healthy relationship with food means you are not morally superior or inferior based on your eating choices.”
― Evelyn Tribole