Katie Garces Beyond Book Club
Beyond Book Club Katie Garces

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”


What is Beyond Book Club?

Beyond Book Club is a leader-based program that provides everything you need for a personal development and growth-focused book club experience.

BBC was born in 2015 after I read a multitude of self-help, personal growth, business-building and spirituality-centered books. I was going through a transformative period, and realized, that reading these types of books was an intrinsic aspect of my inner reflection and evolution as a woman, mother, wife, friend and business owner.

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So, I started a little book club at a local coffee shop. And it grew. Then it turned into social events with inspirational gurus like Gabby BernsteinBrené Brown and Elizabeth Gilbert. It was growing BEYOND just a book club.

Eventually, I revamped the concept, making it more specific to the needs, desires and interests of my customers and followers. I now offer 6 week sessions throughout the year that include some of the most inspirational, influential and best-selling books on the market. Beyond Book Club includes organized discussion/meetings on each book as well as planned social engagements such as films, art exhibits, meditation groups, dinner gatherings and touring relevant speakers.

“Katie is fantastic and is very inspiring. She is one of those people that is so positive and kind it makes you want to be like that in your daily life.”

“SO excited for another book club! These sessions have really made my life so much better.”

“I love the camaraderie and connections. It’s a wonderful forum to discuss some important issues we face as women/mothers.”

“I love the comforting, non-judgmental atmosphere and how every one prioritizes the time each week knowing that by showing up, they will receive love and support, and in turn be supporting the others in the group.”

“What is so wonderful about it is we were 8 women from all walks and phases of life who could relate to one another in a safe space, and have engaging and enlightening conversations. I look forward to it every week!”

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