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You are ready to take your Book Club to the next level, so check out the sessions and events available now.

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Girl Wash Your Face BookGirl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

In Girl Wash Your Face, Rachel Hollis describes 20 lies that often hold us back from living, joyfully and even productively. Many of these misconceptions are so ingrained in our “story” that we can’t even see them for what they are, falsities that are holding us back from living confident, joyful and authentic lives.

In this 6 week session we will examine these falsehoods and implement strategies that Hollis presents in order to move past them, to live with grace and minimize those feelings of overwhelm and unworthiness that we’re all too familiar with.

Wednesday MORNINGS with Katie Garces
9:00-10:30am, August 29th-October 3rd
$70 for 6 sessions (SOLD OUT)

Sazza Pizza Community Room at Stanley Marketplace
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Wednesday EVENINGS with Katie Garces
7:15 pm-8:45, August 29th-October 3rd
$70 for 6 sessions SOLD OUT
Newport Street Retreat 1195 Newport St, Denver, 80220
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Tuesdays “Virtual Lunch Bunch” with Katie Garces  
11:45-12:45 pm, August 28th-October 2nd
Online: MST Zoom link

$60 for 6 sessions
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WonderlifeWonderlife: Discovering the joy of who you are and why you’re here.

Friday Mornings Intensive Workshop with Katie
Eight Friday Sessions: Aug 24th, Aug 31st, Sept 7th , Sept 14th, Sept 28th,Oct 12th, Oct 19th, Oct 26th
$250 for 8 sessions, includes book. SOLD OUT
(Limited to 6 spaces) 

Newport Street Retreat 1195 Newport St, Denver, 80220

Join us for an 8-session, small group “masterclass” experience to help you discover and understand who you are and why you’re here. With the help of the creative guide, Wonderlife, we’ll dive into these questions and uncover what’s truly holding us back in life. This Intensive Workshop will provide the tools you need to reveal your purpose in life and help activate it in a tangible way.

The eight weeks will be divided into four guiding principles, or as Wonderlife calls them, “lifemarks”, that will equip you to live a life of meaning and purpose.
They include:

• I believe my story matters (Session 1&2)
• I am unashamed of what I love and care about  (Session 3&4)
• I am honest about my obstacles and opportunities  (Session 5&6)
• I am fully present for my life  (Session 7&8)

Get ready to draw, journal, shed a tear or two (that’s how we grow) and smile! This workshop includes discussion, discovery exercises and work to bring to the table.

Drop your kids, grab a coffee on the way and meet in this beautiful, quiet, grounding space for an hour + of dedicated “me” time, reflection and personal growth.
This group is for women who are ready to go deep, and take things to another level through the supportive guidance of an experienced coach (Katie), a magical text (Wonderlife) and the supportive energy of like-minded women who are ready to be vulnerable and grow. As painful as life can be sometimes, we must crack ourselves open to allow the light in…  to grow, heal and evolve. If you know there’s more “in there” that you haven’t tapped into, if you know you want more for your life, this is a great place to start.

 The wound is the place the light enters in. ~ Rumi




Cooking Demo & Dinner with “Eat Well” Chef

September 9th, 4-6pm
Tickets: $45, Limited Seats! Purchase here
Located in Katie’s Kitchen

Join us for an amazing, healthy cooking demo and discussion with Culinary Nutritionist Dee Iraca from the Eat Well Chef.  Learn how you get out of your cooking rut, stop being overwhelmed by healthy cooking (or cooking in general) and prepare healthy delicious foods for your family…while keeping it SIMPLE! Bring your own vino! (Dinner details to follow; it will be gluten free and highest quality ingredients, but of course!)

Make Your Own Kraut! Fermenting Workshop with Aaron Perry

September 30th 2-4pm
Tickets: $30, Limited Seats! Purchase here
Located in Katie’s Kitchen

Aaron William Perry is a writer, public speaker, impact entrepreneur, consultant, and father. He is the author of Y on Earth: Get Smarter, Feel Better, Heal the Planet and dedicates his life and work to the improvement of the environment, specifically, through soil microbiome. At this workshop, Aaron will teach you the importance of probiotic foods, “gut health” and the microbiome… and how to make your own ferments inexpensively at home! Includes presentation, supplies, probiotic, healthy snacks and take home your own sauerkraut! Feel free to bring your own adult (fermented or not) beverage.  


Women’s Manifesting Circle

Details TBD



The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin

Wednesday Mornings with Katie Garces
April 25th-May 30th, 9-10:30 am
$65: 6 sessions 

Sazza at Stanley Marketplace (NE Denver)
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NEW! Beyond Book Club Small Group Intensive
The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin

Friday Mornings with Katie Garces
April 25th-May 30th, 9-10:30 am
$250: 6 weeks (Limited to 5 participants!)

Concourse Restaurant Moderne
10195 East 29th Drive, Suite 140, Denver CO, 80238
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How is this different than the regular
Beyond Book Club?

  • In this 6 week small-group “intensive” you will receive focused coaching from Katie, accountability and support from your group members as you deep-dive into what you’re struggling with and/or what’s holding you back. In addition, you receive a more intimate setting for deeper conversation around our book, your well-being, and life in general.
  • Self-care will be an actionable priority and not just a phrase we toss around. #notjustahashtag.
  • This is an ideal way to experience coaching at a fraction of the cost while continuing the BBC experience you’ve come to love. Find comfort in a much smaller group with laser-focused attention on YOU. And yes, you deserve this.
  • This is for you if you’re ready to up-level, dive-deeper and grow both personally and inter-personally. If you’re ready to get real, prioritize yourself and commit to some real changes heading in to summer. 

Coaching value: $1125. Your investment: $250.

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Judgement Detox by Gabby Bernstein

Wednesday Mornings with Katie Garces
March 7th-April 18th, 9-10:30 am
$65: 6 sessions / No session on March 28th

Sazza at Stanley Marketplace (NE Denver)
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Judgement Detox by Gabby Bernstein

Wednesday Evenings with Allison Kern
March 7th-April 18th, 7-8:15pm
$55: 6 virtual sessions / No session on March 28th

Virtual sessions can take place wherever you are through our online video conference.
Allison will lead the group with questions and discussion from her home base in California.
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Women, Food and Desire by Alexandra Jamieson

Wednesday Mornings with Katie Garces
Jan 24th-Feb 28th  9-10:30 am
Sazza at Stanley Marketplace (NE Denver)

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Winter Social & Author Event
Deepak Chopra:The Healing Self

February 21st 7-8:30pm
Mile Hi Church, Denver CO
Click here for tickets
We will likely meet for dinner/drinks before the event. Please join the FB group for more info.

About Beyond Book Club

Welcome! Beyond Book Club sessions typically take place during the week and last 1-2 hours depending on the format. Sessions are kept intimate, (limited seats), so that connections and conversation can become deeper and more meaningful. Healthy discussion of differing opinions and viewpoints are always welcome.

What’s in it for you

  • Accountability for self-care. We all say we’ll do it but we rarely make/take this crucial time for ourselves. An hour or so out of your week to truly unplug, relax, enjoy a cup of really good coffee, camaraderie and intriguing conversation.
  • Community and fellowship of like-minded and supportive women.
  • Personal and Spiritual development and growth.
  • Social events and activities outside of Book Club.
  • Access to Katie as a leader/coach/mentor!

BBC details

  • General sessions are $70 for a 6 week in-person session, viritual sessions ar $60 and the BBC Intensive is $250.
  • Locations, times and books/subjects vary with each session and usually sell out. Register quickly and sign up for notifications.
  • We read the one book over the course of 6 weeks so weekly reading assignments are easy and doable.
  • Sign ups are per session only: join the books/groups you’re interested in, opt out of the ones you’re not.
  • Never any commitment beyond your current session. Investment is paid up front.

Ready to go “beyond” your regular book club?
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