It’s time.

It only takes one second to decide that
the rest of your life can change.

It’s time.

It only takes one second to decide that
the rest of your life can change.

It’s time for you to decide.

Do you go on just letting life “happen” to you, or do you choose and  intentionally create the quality of your life ?

As women, most of us reach a point where the chaos, noise and overall weight of life  becomes too heavy, tipping the scale too far in one direction or the other.

It’s time to regain balance, damn it.  

It’s time to decide that your health, happiness and sanity are worthy of your time and attention, and that your time and attention are crucial to your health, happiness and sanity.

These are grown-up decisions. Making the choice that YOU are worth it is allowing your fully-grown-ass-woman-wisdom lead the way. Hallelujah!

As the years pass, our bodies, spirits, and minds simply process the world differently than they used to. In order to feel our best, we have to find a way to adjust how we approach our food, exercise, thoughts and rest.

I hear the choir singing, “well that’s easier said than done.” Trust me, I know it’s not an easy task. I’ve been there myself, and everyday is still a dance, but I did find the path to my personal form of balance (which I call the trifecta: Sexy, Spiritual & Sane), and you can too. 

Through my own personal experience, as well as my professional research and study, I am proud to have developed a series of easy-to-follow programs that are designed to guide you every step of the way. I’ll help you make smarter decisions that come from a place of empowerment, with unique adjustments that will fuel your future.

Wrapped around a whole food nutritional framework, each program features a “grown-up” and mindful approach to living life in a measured, balanced and personally responsible way.

Ready to take control like a grown woman should? Of course you are!
No more being a victim of circumstance. This is not “just the way life is.”

You have the control. It is in your every thought and within each inspired action.
It’s time to stand in your power. I’ll help you find the way.

— Katie

I’m ready to test the waters.


Sometimes we just need a kick on the pants to help us reset, refocus and move forward making good, grown up choices for ourselves. Katie’s Grown Up 10-Day Reset is the perfect solution to get you back on track.


I’m ready to take control.


Katie’s Sexy, Spiritual & Sane Coaching program is a one-on-one experience with Katie Garces. Work together to develop a customized “Life Blueprint” that will guide your nutrition, self-care, stress management and personal/spiritual development.


I’m ready to take my business to the next level.


The Excelled Enterprising Nutritionist™ is a 3-month coaching program designed to provide nutrition students, practicing nutritionists and health coaches, a starter framework for the creation of a successful, value-filled business. Learn how to create your own online program, gain tools and tips for running a business online and get all the accountability and mental/physical support you need along the way!


“I feel emotional right now. Joyful. Present. Energized. I’m so grateful. My body is feeling the love and that feels awesome! This process is getting easier. Every meal counts! It’s a fun process for me.”


“Katie’s calm and accepting demeanor as well as her ability to relate opens the doors of discussion and perspective. She provides invaluable yet simple tools to help healthfully evaluate, process and discard the unnecessary crud lurking in our lives while embracing goodness and joy. Her services are truly a gift!”


“Working with Katie has really changed my life. Katie has helped me to understand that getting healthy and losing weight is more than eating whole foods and being active. Her program has taught me that it’s about living a fulfilled and happy life and that the weight will fall off after that.”


“Working with Katie has helped me realize and actualize my dreams. Her coaching is supportive and encouraging as well as goal-oriented. Having Katie as my coach is like working with a tough best friend and mentor rolled into one amazing woman… She’s the best present I’ve given myself in a long time.”

– A.K