Grab life by the horns.

You have the power to make your life amazing.
See what it’s like to make the choice
and reclaim your life.

Grab life by
the horns.

You have the power to make your life amazing. See what it’s like to make the choice and reclaim your life.

Katie Garces Testimonial

“The Grown Up RESET was a great experience for both my husband and I. It was easy to figure out what to eat and we never felt deprived. Plus, we could have chocolate every day! Not only have we both lost a little weight (4lbs for me and 7lbs for DH), we are less bloated and have much less brain fog. Thank you, Katie, for creating this program!”


The Grown Up RESET Client

“I initially reached out to Katie early in a pregnancy looking for guidance in how to maintain healthy weight gain, as I was starting that pregnancy where I ended my first pregnancy! I thought I was just going to be getting nutrition advice, but Katie provided so much more! I feel like she has been my much needed life coach and biggest cheerleader. I am a motivated individual, but Katie provided the accountability that I needed and had been missing. Katie has helped change my mindset and helped me become an overall healthier me, both mind and body, long term. She has reminded me of the importance of taking charge of my nutrition, taking time for myself, time for prayer and/or meditation, and physical activity. By setting a series of specific attainable goals, we have achieved long-term success!”


“Working with Katie has been life-altering for me. When we first started working together, I was in survival mode – I was simply going through the motions from one day to the next. I knew there was a deeper meaning to my life, and Katie helped me tap into it. Katie is an amazing mentor and coach, and I’m grateful that I’ve been able to work with her!”


“The perfect merging of mind, body, and spirit, Katie Garces has that special gift for helping you transform your well-being from the inside out.”


Host of the Quote of the Day Show

“Working with Katie has been wonderful because she’s already been through the business start-up phase and now has years of experience that can help me where I’m at in my business: Whether it’s coaching, leading groups, or working on my website and programs. Being a coaching client of Katie’s has been beneficial because I often need to hear what it is that she’s telling me: no-nonsense truths, get focused and get serious about work. I’ve done a lot of Katie’s programs and see even more opportunities to work together in the future which is sooo exciting!” 


Excelled Enterprising Nutritionist Client

“I gained confidence and felt amazing.”


“As women, we need a trusted voice, someone who knows where we’re at and where we’ve been with everything from our nutrition and healthy lifestyle to the way we balance it all: work, play, and beyond. Katie is that voice.”


NYT Bestselling Author: Practical Paleo & The 21-Day Sugar Detox, Host: Balanced Bites Podcast & Build A Badass Business Podcast

Katie Garces Testimonial

“Working with Katie has been one of the best decisions I ever made. She is thoughtful and thorough and we not only discussed nutrition (my main goal) but also exercise, stress management and even sleep. The advice and guidance she provided were customized to me and my goals, as well as easy to follow and integrate into my everyday life. Having multiple check-in sessions kept me on track and allowed us to tweak my plan as I progressed. Katie has helped me hone in my nutrition and be a happier, healthier me.” 


“OK, here is one thing you need to know about Katie — she is a positive force! She has a true gift and has figured out how to share it with people in a way that genuinely touches their lives. Her warmth, open-mindedness, quiet discipline and kindness continues to draw me to her as a coach and a friend. She lives her life with conviction around what she believes, which is refreshing and contagious. As a coach, Katie offers support and realistic ideas for taking action in places where I am stuck, all without judgment. I leave my time with her reenergized and smiling! When you encounter people like Katie who are making a difference in the world it feels good to pay their good energy forward!”

Katie Garces Testimonial

“I first came to Katie to help me lose that final 5 lbs. Everything that normally worked wasn’t working and my energy was constantly, frighteningly low. I was in a fog all day and had cravings that I hadn’t experienced since pregnancy. Within one meeting with Katie, she was able see what other health professionals had left undiagnosed. I had depleted my cortisol supply and was suffering from adrenal fatigue. Katie gave me a clear plan to regain my health and patiently walked me through the process (not an easy one for me).

Katie insisted that I also focus on a balance that included spirituality and self-care. Though both used to be staples in my daily routine, I had put all of that aside in order to take care of others. Prioritizing myself had become so foreign to me since I had become a SAHM. Again, Katie’s patience and persistence were key in my healing. Without Katie’s guidance, I don’t know when/if I ever would have started to put myself and my holistic health back on the radar. I am a happier, healthier, more balanced mom, wife and loved one thanks to my time working with Katie. And, for the first time in a long time, I believe I am worth all the effort it took me to get here. And that is the best feeling of all.”


Sexy, Spiritual + Sane Client

“I feel emotional right now. Joyful. Present. Energized. I’m so grateful. My body is feeling the love and that feels awesome! This process is getting easier. Every meal counts! It’s a fun process for me.”


“Katie’s calm and accepting demeanor as well as her ability to relate opens the doors of discussion and perspective. She provides invaluable yet simple tools to help healthfully evaluate, process and discard the unnecessary crud lurking in our lives while embracing goodness and joy. Her services are truly a gift!”


“Working with Katie has really changed my life. Katie has helped me to understand that getting healthy and losing weight is more than eating whole foods and being active. Her program has taught me that it’s about living a fulfilled and happy life and that the weight will fall off after that.”


“Working with Katie has helped me realize and actualize my dreams. Her coaching is supportive and encouraging as well as goal-oriented. Having Katie as my coach is like working with a tough best friend and mentor rolled into one amazing woman… She’s the best present I’ve given myself in a long time.”

– A.K

"I’m an accomplished female on multiple boards and working for the good of my community but I also suffer from depression and anxiety. Katie has helped me get up each day, easy days and hard days, and find gratitude and purpose."


"I started working with Katie immediately after a stressful time in my life. I was tired, bloated, full of toxins and fed up with trying everything I could to find my 'ole self' again. My workouts were stressful and my food choices were almost paralyzing. I just didn't have faith in my choices anymore. After a few months of working together and some big 'aha' moments, I was able to find joy in my exercise choices, have confidence that I really do know the right choice to make and allowance to have a treat as long as I really savored and enjoyed every minute! I am sleeping great, feeling lighter, finding joy in the little things and back feel like myself again...after a decade! Thanks Katie! You are amazing, kind, sincere and just beautiful!"


Sexy, Spiritual + Sane Client