Katie Garces Philosophy


Your journey only starts with nutrition.

Yes. There truly is a direct connection
between your mind and body.

Over the past few decades, new research has been revealed about the connection between food and mood. As it turns out, your brain, your stomach and your overall state of being is more intimately connected than was once thought.

What you intentionally or unintentionally place into your mind and your body has a direct impact on whether you feel good or plain old lousy.

It affects whether you hold emotional and physical weight or approach the world with lightness.  

The connection between the food you eat,
the thoughts you think
and how both manifest in the way your
body functions is at the center of Katie’s work.

Katie teaches her clients how to take responsibility for the choices they make in nutrition, personal awareness, exercise and spiritual connection. She empowers them to “show up as grown ups”, and make the necessary changes to meet their goals and desires, ultimately increasing  the overall quality of their lives.

When life is swirling at a frantic pace, it’s easy to grab the first thing that will satiate your physical or emotional hunger. For many, this “quick grab” approach includes poor food choices that lead to low energy, bloating, weight gain and self-criticism. The stress of living a fast-paced, poor-choice lifestyle can result in emotional, hormonal and even chemical reactions in the body that are difficult to overcome without professional guidance.

Katie offers easy-to-follow, self led programs as well as customized, one-on-one consultation with her clients to help them navigate the choices they make on a daily basis in a responsible and self-aware way. Everyone’s body is different and everyone has unique factors in their lives that affect the way their bodies will respond to food, macronutrients and even exercise.

Katie’s programs and plans revolve around the establishment of a “real-food framework” with emotional, spiritual and life balance support systems. Her ultimate goal: To help remove the physical and emotional junk from your life and initiate a “whole life” wellness strategy that will be successful and sustainable for years to come.

Katie’s Programs and Spiritual, Sexy & Sane Coaching plans address:

  • Whole Food Nutrition
  • Exercise and Movement
  • Stress and Sleep
  • Digestion
  • Hormones
  • Relationships
  • Spiritual & Emotional Health
  • Life Goals and Purpose

The balance of all of these elements is crucial to achieving overall well-being. If even a few of these aspects are off, it is almost impossible for everything else to function in harmony. If your stress level is through the roof, it will be almost impossible to lose weight. If you’re not emotionally prepared for change, then does your goal weight matter at all? It’s all about the continuous dance and aspiration for balance… and every critical area of your life area must be addressed to have long-term success.

As you begin the journey to self-awareness… as you achieve health in mind, body and spirit, everything else tends to fall into place. Your journey to wellness only starts with nutrition.