Introducing Macros Coaching with Katie.  Your own personalized program tailored to your goals and your lifestyle. Get a concrete plan to kick off the new year with balance and control, while still enjoying the foods you love.

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Sometimes we just need a little help.

I am all about playing around with different foods, diets, and fitness plans to help us reach our goals. I believe it’s important to experiment in order to find what’s going to work for us! But it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the options out there, where do you even begin?

That’s why I developed my Mindful Macros Coaching Program, to help you regain control, to quiet all the”diet noise,”and get you back to the basics of a balanced eating plan in order to meet your goals.

What is Macros Coaching?

Macros, short for macronutrients, are simply the three components of energy (calories), that make up your diet: protein, carbohydrates and fats.

The ratio in which we consume our macronutrients can have a significant impact on our weight and body composition. There is much more to the picture than simply a “calories in – calories out diet,” but this can quickly become an overwhelming task to undertake. A Macros coach helps take the guessing-game out of the picture by providing you with a tailored plan to support your goals.

Low-Carb? Low Fat? Keto? Zone?

Speaking of overwhelming!  Are you confused with all the conflicting information out there about what is the best plan?
Are you exhausted from the constant battle of trying one plan only to feel too restricted and end up overeating and “failing?”
Or, are you wondering why what worked for you before isn’t working now… like at all?
Are you ready to regain control, still enjoy the foods you love while feeling in balance and healthy at the same time?
Are you ready to lose the weight?

Mindful Macros to the Rescue

When you sign up for Mindful Macros Coaching with Katie you’ll not only cut through the confusion with an individualized macros plan, you’ll also receive wellness & lifestyle recommendations and resources tailored specifically to you and your goals. Plus you’ll have the support of a coach for questions, tweaking and accountability.

Macros Coaching is a great tool when you just need a plan.

My Macros clients not only lose weight, they are more mindful about what and how they are eating, which greatly contributes to their success as well.
They are empowered and they are in control.  And in a diet-sphere that leaves most people feeling confused and out of control, this is a good thing.

Mindful Macros is one of my most popular programs for good reason, it’s powerful, it’s personalized, and it works.  If you’re ready to begin reaching your goals; mindfully, healthfully and successfully, let’s get started today.

Your Mindful Macros Package includes:

  • A detailed Macros plan tailored to you as an individual. Katie meets you where you are helps get you to where you want to be.
  • Lifestyle and wellness recommendations and further resources to support your goals.
  • 4 weeks of email support for plan-tweaking, check-ins and accountability. 

For only $197 you can get your very own customized Macros Plan and four weeks of coaching from Katie, an experienced Nutritional Therapist, nurse practitioner and seasoned coach!


Why Mindful Macros? Katie’s Philosophy…

Katie’s goal is to develop a plan for you that is doable and sustainable, not crazy, too-restrictive or extreme, so that you can still enjoy the things you love, while optimizing your diet and health, and while meeting your goals.

Often times we know “how” or “what” to eat but sometimes we need a little structure around that to get those last pesky pounds to start moving or to even get started on our weight loss journey.

By bringing the mind/body connection to any eating plan, we gain self-awareness, cultivate presence and peace with our food and set ourselves up for success.

What people are saying…

“With Katie’s Macro plan, I’m tuned in, healthy and eating the right things for my body. I struggled with balancing my macro counts on my own and was confused after seeking help from other health and fitness leaders.”—Jen

“Down 3 pounds! I found myself looking for an afternoon snack and then realized it was habit and I wasn’t even hungry. I love how you bring mindfulness to macros tracking.”—Naomi

“I’m feeling great, I’m already down 2 pounds, still feeling motivated and looking forward to this week. Thanks for inspiring me!”—Liz

“I’m down to 109 and my target is 105 so I’m well on my way. This way of eating has certainly opened my eyes. I love it! —Christina

“This feels like a huge breakthrough, thank you for this! This is the right time in my life, my relationship with myself, my husband, and family. Next year is my 45th birthday, and we are starting the year off with a trip to Costa Rica. I’m so glad you guided into my life at the right time.” —Rebecca