I never could resist a good quiz!

Sexy, Spiritual and Sane is the “trifecta” that I strive for myself and my clients.

What exactly do I mean by this? Check it out…


Katie defines ‘sexy’ by how we feel in our bodies, not just the number on the scale or your current pant size. Those numbers should not define us.

How do you want to feel in your body?

Strong, healthy, light, agile, capable? Physical qualities that allow us to feel good in our bodies and in doing so, allow us to get out there and do meaningful stuff! You know, as opposed to the energy-suck that IS obsessing about our bodies, our weight or pant size.

There is no ideal, YOU are actually perfect! And the moment we stop comparing ourselves to others or nit-picking our smallest flaws we can get to work on what really matters in life, our bigger purpose.

Sexy is a feeling. When we get healthy, mind and body, we can rock our bodies and get to living! Own that sister!

Healthy emotions come in all sizes. Healthy minds come in all sizes. And healthy bodies come in all sizes. ~ Cheri K. Erdman


Because it is vastly different for everyone, Katie asks you to define what “spiritual” means to you. For some it’s God, the Universe, a Higher Power, Source Energy, Consciousness. It really doesn’t matter what you call it, but what does matter is that you’re connected to it.

Remember, we’re not just humans having spiritual experiences; we arespirits having a human experience.

So once again, own that! When we are connected to what I like to call our “spiritual power outlet,” life flows, synchronicities occur, the wind is at our back, we feel lit up and on purpose.

We’re all familiar with the opposite right? Nothing seems to go right, we feel stuck, we lose shit, stuff breaks down, we feel frustrated, lost even kinda down/depressed.

We want and need to be connected to ourselves, our inner wisdom and our own personal spiritual power outlet, whatever that looks like for you, to recharge and get back on track. Life is so much more fun and meaningful  this way! You’re amazed at not only how productive you are but how damn HAPPY you are too!

Not exactly sure what this does mean for you?

Don’t worry! The important thing is to not compare yourself to others, everyone’s on a different place in their spiritual journey. And connection happens differently for everyone. What fills me up may not do it for you and vice-versa.

Where to start? 

My number one tip for tapping into your spiritual bad-ass self is spending some time in silence and reconnecting with your true self. However this feels good to you: a walk outside, gardening, meditation, folding or ironing clothes (not exactly fun I know, but a slightly meditative act all the same), cooking, coloring etc.

I get some of my biggest spiritual downloads while in the shower! The point is, turn off the TV, the podcast, send your kids outside or go for a walk and spend some time with yourself in silence. It’s all within you, we just need to get quiet enough to hear!  😉

“Thank you, Thank you Silence!” Alanis Morisette


Girlfriend, you have a lot of balls in the air. It’s what we’re good at right? Multi-tasking and taking care of all-the-things and all-the-people.

But when this beautiful quality of ours goes unchecked we can literally feel like we’re losing our mind! Perhaps you don’t remember the last time you took time for yourself; or read a book that didn’t have pictures, or even took a shower?

Listen, you are not alone….

But I promise you, you will be a better woman, partner, mother, friend, daughter, employee, entrepreneur, all-the-hats-you-wear, when you take a step back, take some time for yourself and get some balance back in your life.

Actually, why don’t we start right now, take a deep slow breath, yep right now. Good! That’s the first step! 😉

When life is out of balance, feels crazy or overwhelming and we end up at the bottom of our own to-do list (cause let’s be honest, “me” is always the first to go), it will be impossible to feel sane, in control, on purpose and not just running on a crazy hamster wheel.

I promise, it’s possible to find this balance in the midst of this crazy world you’re running right now, and that will lend itself to your peace of mind and happiness.

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.” Thomas Merton


1. Take the Quiz
2. Get Your Score
3. Come back here and get your results analyzed!

Take the quiz now!

As you go through the quiz please note:

  • Questions 1-3 address your “sexy” (physical health, self-image)
  • Questions 4-6 address your “spiritual” (how “connected” you are to your spiritual power outlet)
  • Questions 7-9 address your “sane” (mental, emotional, life balance)
  • Question 10 address overall mind/body wellness & balance.

Your “Score”

First of all there’s no pass/fail in this exercise. It’s meant to shine some light in the areas you may need dusting. Use this as an opportunity to celebrate where you’re doing well and a tool to discover where you could dig in and do some work!

  • 90-100% You’re rocking the Trifecta! You’ve got a banging balance of Sexy, Spiritual and Sane. Keep doing what you’re doing and be sure to share your secrets and success with our community!
  • 80-89% Nice job! You’re doing really well! Overall you have a nice balance and are maintaining your Sexy, Spiritual and Sane with a few outliers. Is it apparent to you what those were? I’m guessing it probably is…what can you to bump up your score?
  • 70-79% So you’ve got your act mostly together, but you are dropping a few balls. Which areas do you think could use some buffing up? Is it diet? Exercise? Or just a disconnect from your true self? Maybe you just need a little reset? I have a great option you can do on your own and get started today! Check it out here.
  • 60-69% Don’t despair! While you may be a bit off balance in your Sexy, Spiritual Sane trifecta there are definitely some areas of strength. How do you feel about those? Do you see where you might need to shine some light?
  • Below 60%: You may be the woman who feels scattered all the time. Are you constantly tired? Any weight gain? Or a feeling of lack of purpose? Possibly your relationships are suffering?  Girlfriend, let’s spark you up! You can’t pour from an empty cup so let’s start filling yours. An initial consultation with me could help you start your journey to the trifecta.

No matter your score, please review the Sexy, Spiritual and Sane philosophies at the start of this email for some ideas to boost each area of the trifecta.

Action Step

Prioritize one of the 3 areas you’d like to focus on first and do something to start filling that bucket of yours today. Need help? Hit me up and we can chat further. I’d be happy to hop on a free 15 minute discovery call to give you further actionables you can start right away.

Community Matters!

You’re invited to join us in my private women’s group Sexy Spiritual Sane with Katie Garces for more support via a like-minded community of amazing women striving for the trifecta and sharing real life experiences along the way!

Remember, we’re all on our own journey! The first step to growth is always awareness so kudos to you for shining some light in your corners today. Don’t forget to celebrate the wins, no matter how small, and never give up!

Thank you for reading, I love you!