You know when you want to do something just right so you put off doing it until you can do it just right…

But that time never seems to come, so you don’t end up doing it at all?

(I know you know what I’m talking about…)

Well I’ve been wanting to post an update for a while now as I have emerged from what turned out to be a 9 month sabbatical… but just haven’t found the perfect time.

But I quickly realized there will never be a perfect time and done is always better than perfect. So here we are!❤️


There was never really an “official” or hard start or stop date to my self-imposed sabbatical, but interestingly enough, it ended up being book-ended by a couple trips to Europe (Last Thanksgiving in Paris was when I first made the decision, and this past August in London was when it felt like it was complete).

Travel will do that to you!😉

London, August


So what have been doing these last 9 months?

Well let’s start with what I haven’t been doing: coaching, facilitating, program-development, or promoting. I’ve enjoyed some much needed down-time and a break from all of it.

What I have been doing is a lot of processing. A lot.

  • Processing and integrating what I learned about myself through a period of sobriety last summer/fall. That was a biggie, and what set off the next 12 months of my life, really all of this.
  • Processing and integrating my experience at Denver Seminary last semester; both being in the classroom with what I consider magical, challenging and brilliant people, but also what I actually studied and learned.😉
    (You can read more about that experience here.)
  • Processing and integrating my deepening self-awareness through my ongoing enneagram studies (being a 3 ain’t easy ya’ll!), spiritual direction, and my less frequent, although still productive and top-priority time with my therapist.

And of course processing and integrating all of it with long quiet walks with my dog on beautiful Colorado evenings (pretty much taking over my Instagram Stories this summer) and via ongoing discussions with the people who’ve been walking this journey with me from the beginning, of whom I’m forever grateful.

In a nutshell, and to use a Richard Rohr-ism, it has been a good, thorough period of “falling upward,” one of order, disorder and reorder.

Colorado Skies💙


I began feeling a sense of re-emergence, late spring/early summer and decided to dip my toe back in the water with what felt the most “easy” and more importantly, fun for me to resume. At the time, that was my Beautycounter business.

Having already been a part of Beautycounter for 4 years, I was able to jump-start it with relative ease, and again, a lot of fun! I was fortunate enough to earn a leadership trip and traveled to Santa Monica in July to tour BC Headquarters, learn more about the company and connect with amazing women.

Very life-giving for me on many levels.

Beautycounter HQ, Leadership Retreat, July

An unexpected perk has been the opportunity to shift the coaching skills I’ve gained from my years of working with nutrition and wellness clients, into that of building, mentoring and coaching my business team.

This has brought me great joy, and really sparked something in me that I didn’t know I’d been missing.

I’m having so much fun.


I also began to sorely miss the camaraderie and community of my beloved Beyond Book Club and am so thankful that when I reached out to the BBC community back in July, there was an overwhelming HELL YES to resuming this fall.

Many of these ladies have been with me since the very beginning; this is our SIXTH year of Beyond Book Club!

We have kicked off with a great book, Atomic Habits, the premise of which is how we can affect (and celebrate!) tiny changes in our everyday lives in order to create lasting change.

We’re also focusing on our systems and processes as opposed to our outcomes and goals which has been a game changer. Also looking at re-writing the ‘stories’ we tell ourselves/identify with, in order to change our ingrained behaviors, and literally change who we!

It’s allowed for great introspection and conversation already, I’m so happy to be back, and I highly recommend the book!
(To be notified of upcoming Beyond Book Club groups and other BBC announcements, click here.)


Another thing that crept back on my radar that I’m excited to offer again this year is Stoptober for Self-Care.

This is a 31-day opportunity to step away from whatever is not serving you.

Registration is now open and we start October 1st.

For a dollar a day it’s a great opportunity for some epic self-awareness. Pretty good ROI.😉

You can read more about Stoptober for Self-Care here.


Lately I’ve even been doing macro-plans on the side for a handful of people who’ve been interested. Believe it or not, a million years ago, I was really good at it and actually loved doing it! Turns out, I still do!

(Email me if you’re interested in an individualized- and totally sane, macro plan for yourself)


Taking a page (literally) from the Atomic Habits premise, I’m not going to focus on goals right now. I know, gasp!

I’m going to focus on my processes, my systems.
My day-to-day.
My here and now.

I’m going to focus on what feels good.

Lord knows after this last year I’m certainly hyper-aware of what doesn’t feel good, so I’m just going be vigilant to that, and keep going.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this whole experience of mine.

Have you experienced something similar?

Are you just embarking on, in the depths of, or coming out the other side like me?

What would you like to hear more about or see from me in the coming months?

I welcome all of it, and as always am so grateful that you are here, reading this, processing and integrating your own stuff, and becoming, right along with me.❤️