Happy New Year!

Is it still appropriate to say that now that we’re (finally) almost through January? Jeez, longest month of the year is an understatement. Regardless, I hope this finds you all happy, healthy and settled in for 2019.


Speaking of, this January marked 5 years of Green Plate Kate/Katie Garces. As this milestone loomed last fall I found myself doing a lot of reflecting back on the growth, the lessons, and the evolution of both my business and myself personally.

If you’ve been following along, you’ve seen the evolution of my work and my messaging, particularly over the last couple years. The last 6-9 months in particular have brought some deep soul-searching and life-changes, (see prior blogs to get up to speed) which leads us up to now.


Brene Brown describes it well I think, when she explains that this whole “mid-life” thing…it’s not so much a crisis, but an unraveling. 

It may sound familiar, you start to notice a strong inner-pull towards something deeper, something ‘more,’ 

You zoom out and take a wide-lens view of your life, how you spend your time, your precious energy (which, mind you, is not quite as easily replenished as we get older 😉 ) and really examine your priorities. More than just examine them, but really ask yourself if what you say you prioritize, is actually happening in the day-to-day.

Questions start to arise like:

“What is all this for?”
“How did I get here?”
“Is this it?”
“What’s really important to me?”

This phenomenon has been extensively written and talked about, is completely normal, and happens to most of us, albeit at different times, ages and phases of life. It’s up to us to pay attention and do something about it! Option B of course, would be to ignore it, numb it, carry on as you always have, push harder and/or just push through it. (Raises hand).

You can guess where that’ll land you.

And you’re likely just prolonging the inevitable.


As per usual, the universe whispers and taps, she gets louder and louder until we can no longer ignore her. Sometimes this happens rather dramatically; an illness, a death, a loss of a job, etc. Thankfully, I’ve become quiet attuned to these whispers and taps over the years and I was getting the message, quietly at first, then loud and clear.

I’m not saying I didn’t put up a fight. I did. I pushed harder. I forced.

Nothing ‘dramatic’ had to happen for me to wake up and start to explore the call other than an inner-knowing that the low grade, underlying dis-ease was not how I wanted to or was meant to be living my life.

‘Force’ wasn’t working.

It was exhausting me mentally, physically and spiritually. It was time to give this the attention it deserved.

Which leads us to where I am today.

Although it went against everything my well-formed ego would have me do, I knew it was time to step back from my business. And not just “kind of” step back as I have in the past. Honestly, I don’t have a “kind of” button. Even keeping one toe in the water has me doing cannonballs a very short time later.


We tend to think of a sabbatical in the traditional, academic sense. I know I did. One year off for every 7-ish years worked, and often it’s granted to write a book, travel extensively, fulfill a dream, etc.

But if we look closer, the word sabbatical come from the word Sabbath, the biblical day of REST (the seventh day, hence every 7 years in academia).

However, it can also simply mean a break or change from a normal routine.

When this idea landed on my heart it was like I felt the weight of the world release.

Yes. This. This is what I needed.

So what am I doing?

Well, I’m not writing a book. I’m not traveling extensively (although that sounds lovely).

Am I fulfilling a dream? Hmm. Perhaps. Although I can’t put that dream into words quite yet.

I’m just following a call.

When we don’t honor our rhythms and neglect caring for ourselves, then the luxury of sabbatical is wasted on recovery.”
-Christopher Heuertz,
The Sacred Enneagram


I credit much of this unraveling and letting go to a deepened commitment to my spiritual well-being.

It’s kind of like, when you no longer know the answers (damn it) you have to surrender and trust that they will be provided to you if and when you slow down enough to hear, see and feel them. That’s what I’ve been working on for the last several months.

Sparked by a retreat I attended last September I got super fired up learning about Contemplative prayer practices and the need for solitude, silence and stillness in my life. (Think mediation and mindfulness meet spirituality).

My brain and body had been going non-stop for 41 years, basically the opposite of the above. Don’t get me wrong, this drive served me well in my ‘first-half-of-life’ (Rohr-ism). But as the midlife unravel continued, I knew I needed this stillness in my life to replenish my body, mind and most importantly my spirit. And once I was aware of it, I needed it like water in a dessert. It was like coming home. And not only did I need it, I wanted to learn everything I could about it.


Fast forward to yet another divine interaction with a spiritual running buddy who casually suggested I look at the Denver Seminary as a resource for quenching this thirst.  I came upon a program there that fit the bill to a tee, it felt like it was created just for me! I couldn’t believe it.

Then, whaddaya know, just like that I’m back in grad school. And I have to say, it feels so good to be on the receiving and soaking-up end of things. It is time for me to be the one being mentored to, facilitated to, ministered to, etc.

Time to fill up this tank.


So in a nutshell, I’m on sabbatical. And back in school (very part time).

I’m not currently working other than with a handful of long-term clients and occasional appearances on podcasts/summits, etc. (so watch for those!)

When it comes to work right now my rule of thumb is very Marie-Kondo, I  only do it if it sparks joy.

I’m doing class, daily spiritual work, and this thing called just being. 

I’m beyond grateful for this time and the opportunity to do this. I recognize I am in a very fortunate position and am so very thankful to have the support of my husband, my family, my dear friends, my clients, and you! So thank you all! <3  


Who knows.

Who knows what this time and space may lend itself to. What will I uncover? Discover? What will be revealed? 

A next and new iteration of my work and business? A complete left turn?

I. Don’t. Know.

And let me tell you, that is the
hardest thing for me in all of this, NOT KNOWING.

I’m the get’er done girl. I  set the goal and achieve it (where are my Enneagram 3s at?)

So this is uncharted, uncomfortable water for me, yet it’s exactly where I want to be and where I know I’m meant to be.


As part of my own commitment to daily spiritual disciplines in the contemplative arena as well as stillness I am posting daily on a new IG account, really my own little sabbatical diary for documentation and self-accountability.

If you’re interested in following my journey I’d love for you to join me.

Please be in touch and never hesitate to reach out or ask me questions.

While I might not be blogging as much (who knows), I’m still here and I want to remain connected to you!

I love you and wish you nothing but the best in 2019!