Most of us pay little to no attention to the food we’re shoveling into our mouth. We may be choosing the healthiest foods out there we can but when it comes to actually eating them… well we all have some work to do in this area!

Why does it matter?
Paying attention to our food and eating mindfully is super important for:

  • Digestion: like, why you may get bloated, gassy, uncomfortable after a meal.
  • Assimilation of Nutrients- like, how much of that highly nutritious food you’re actually absorbing.
  • Not over-eating- self-explanatory
  • Weight loss

Yep! Weight loss!
I have a client who instituted a few of my mindful eating tips, including the one I’m sharing today and lost twelve pounds! She did not change anything else but the way she approached her eating habits—it can be pretty powerful!

In this short video I describe mindful eating in a bit more detail, including the actual physiology of what’s happening and the consequences of mindful vs mindless eating, then, take the challenge!

Mindful Meal Challenge
Details in the video but for you quick-reads…who probably really need this ;), here ya go! 

1.) Chose a meal, preferably one you’ve prepared yourself. (and nicely prepared if possible!)
2.) Chose a time in which you can eat it alone.
3.) Set the timer on your phone for 5 minutes.
4.) Relax. Take a couple deep breaths. (This part is required. Bonus points for a moment of gratitude!)
5) For those 5 minutes do nothing but eat your meal. No FB scrolling, no news, no reading– JUST EAT.
6.) Chew slowly and really pay attention to your food; how it looks on the plate, aromas, textures, all the different flavors.
7.) Notice any feelings that come up. Anxiety? Peace & calm? Annoyance at me? Did your food taste extra yummy? Did you get full faster? Did you last longer than 5 minutes? Shorter?
8.) Report back! Comment below and let me know how it went!

Want to know more?
This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to mindful eating and how it can affect our digestion and waist line! If you’d like to learn more shoot me a message, I’d love to connect!