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The “Trifecta” Quiz- What’s Your Score?

I never could resist a good quiz! Sexy, Spiritual and Sane is the “trifecta” that I strive for myself and my clients. What exactly do I mean by this? Check it out... Sexy Katie defines 'sexy' by how we feel in our bodies, not just the number on the scale or your current pant size. [...]

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Intuitive Eating: 5 Surprising things that Happened when I Stopped Obsessing about Food

(Article originally posted in the Elephant Journal February 23, 2018)  This year, I ended a negative relationship and started a beautiful one. I dropped my love-hate battle with diet, weight, and body image, where “food is the enemy” and made peace with food instead. I decided that since we’re in this together, we might as [...]

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Got Stress? Nutritionally Supportive Foods for Stress Relief

Got Stress? Who Doesn't! Oh, and doesn't it kill you when people tell you not to stress over something? “Don’t stress yourself out about it.” “Just don’t let the stress get to you.” “Relax. Why are you letting this stress you out?” Yeah, like this really helps. This not only doesn’t help you let go [...]

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