Don’t wait till January 1st!

Join Katie in her proactive approach to staying healthy and sane through the holidays while still enjoying yourself and indulging in seasonal fun.
This is a holiday “challenge” like no other!

The Anti-Hot Mess Holiday program will provide the tools, strategies, support and accountability to manage holiday stress, weight gain, overwhelm, and general ‘hot-messness’ that we fall prey to this time of year. 

Do you believe your holiday self-care can be better this year? 

Would  you like to indulge in your holiday favorites and not gain weight?
Would you like to move through the holidays gracefully, yet still enjoy all they have to offer?
Would you like to prioritize your mental, emotional health and physical health?
Would you like to be more present for the magic of the season?
Would you like to have the power to say ‘no‘?

What if this year you did things differently?

But isn’t that what New Year’s resolutions are for?

Sure, if you want this year to be like every other year…

You know, overeating, under-exercising, sleeping like crap, drinking too much, stressing about money, stressing about your overly-committed social calendar, stressing about your in-laws, and (this one’s a kicker), totally missing your kids’ wonderment because you’re so distracted with all of the above?

Did I mention stress?

It doesn’t have to be that way this year. 

We shouldn’t have to wait to Jan 1st to “get it together”  or “start fresh,” nor should we let ourselves get to that point just because “it’s the holidays”… or just because that’s the way we’ve always done it.

Change that story this year.

Feel good while still enjoying yourself.

Don’t believe me?

Well, what do you have to lose?

Here’s the deal…

The last thing you need during the holiday season is more on your plate. (literally and figuratively!)

We won’t be adding to your mile long to-do list (in fact, we’ll help you tackle that too!) We’re simply creating structure, strategies, tools and accountability around the basics, the things that tend to go out the window by oh, Cyber Monday.

Self-Care? Again?

Proactively prioritizing our own self-care at the outset of the holiday season will not only will keep us healthier overall, but more grounded.

And that is super important!

Stress Mode?

When we take care of ourselves, mind, body and spirit, we remain grounded and centered. 

We are calmer and less reactive.

We spend less time in that “flight or flight,”cortisol-driven, stress mode.

And that, my friend, is the mode in which we are waaaay more likely to overeat, overdrink, overspend, over-_____(fill in the blank) as a way to calm, ground and center ourselves, it’s just human nature.

When we’re in stress mode we’re more likely to be distracted (i.e. not present), to pick fights, lose our patience, fly off the handle, blow off the gym, sleep like crap, etc.

All of these are things are a perfect recipe for, you guessed it, One .Hot. Mess. when the holidays are said and done!
Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Not good. No fun. Yet 100% preventable.

The last thing you need during the holiday season is more on your plate. (literally or figuratively!)  We won’t be adding more to your to-do list. This program won’t stress you out, in fact, we aim to do just the opposite.

What’s included…

• 4 weeks of support, motivation, and accountability from Katie in the private FB group.
• A weekly mantra, meditation, journal prompt and/or self-care challenge emailed to you on Monday.
• A weekly “lesson” from Katie and/or one of her exclusive Anti-Hot Mess Holidays guest experts.
• Tools and strategies specific to the holiday season on the following topics; self-care and stress management, nutrition and intuitive eating, maintaining healthy movement/exercise, time-management, holiday spending/budgeting, dealing with difficult family dynamics, and more.
• A weekly self-care checklist to keep you on track with Katie’s suggestions and recommendations, plus space for your own personal goals and notes.
• Q&A calls and FB lives.

Imagine how much time, energy and money you put into pulling yourself back together in January. Detoxes, gym memberships, credit card payments, etc.

Save yourself the headache, be proactive and join now for the early bird price of only $67!

Price goes up on November 12th! 

The Anti-Hot Mess Holidays starts Monday, November 26th and will run through Friday December 21st


Early bird through 11/12 |

I am just GRATEFUL, for this experience, for this group of inspiring humans, and for Katie. I don’t think I ever would or could have done this on my own.


(Stoptober for Self-Care Accountability Group Participant)

How do you want feel? 

“No more spiraling during the holidays. I want to feel good, be present and have my new years resolution be about the future, not cleaning up the past ” —Katie
I’m ready for different. I’m ready for more. 


Price goes up 11/12 |