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Quality Food Sourcing

Grass-fed Beef, Organic Chicken, Pastured Pork
Butcher Box: $10 off your order and FREE BACON with this link

Online Grocery (think Costco meets Whole-Foods meets Amazon)
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Protein Powders, BCAAs  and Supplements

BCAAs: Branch Chain Amino Acids
For use during prolonged fasts and fasted workouts.

Purium Super Aminos – these are capsules so they won’t break your fast. Use code kgarces for $50 off your $75 order.
Atp Mechanix – flavorless powder to add to your water, I also don’t consider this breaking your fast. Use code gpk10 to save %10.
PURE BCAAs Capsules

Quality Protein Powders

MVP Sport by Purium– chocolate or vanilla.  (I also love MVP Kids for my boys). This is the cleanest and best tasting protein powder I’ve found. Use code kgarces for $50 off your $75 order.
Vega Protein and Greens a great protein supplement (20g) with 5 servings of greens! Vega Brand products are plant based, have extremely clean ingredients, are low in sugar and have no added sugars, artificial sweeteners or ingredients.
Vega Sport I like this for athletes and/or just as a general higher protein (30g) supplement.
Tera’s Whey or MRM are whey based, clean protein powder options.

Supplements for Overall Health
Fish Oil
Magnesium: Natural Calm works for Magnesium supplementation, relaxation, muscle aches and regularity
Probiotics for General Health and Weight Loss Support
Digestive Enzymes
Collagen: Supplementing with Collagen (1-2 Tbsp in your shake, smoothie, soup or coffee) is a fabulous and natural way to support your connective tissues: bones, joints, skin, GI tract, etc. This also comes in individual packs for on the go in coffee and water bottles. Why Collagen? Read more about the benefits of collagen here.

References & Recommended Reading/Listening

The Complete Guide to Fasting by Jason Fung with Jimmy Moore.
Eight-Hour Diet by David Zinczenko and Peter Moore
The Fast Diet by Dr. Michael Mosely
The Fasting Path by Stephen Harrod Buhner
“Fasting with Dr. Jason Fung”  Balanced Bites Podcast episode #298
Mark’s Daily Apple (Blog) The Myriad Benefits of Intermittent Fasting article.
Robb Wolf (Blog)

Macro Tracker

My Fitness Pal

Kitchen Scale

If you are tracking I highly recommend using a kitchen scale until you’re able to accurately “eye-ball” your protein size. We are notoriously way off when we guestimate! I use this one; inexpensive and gets the job done!

Meditation & Relaxation Links

Insight Timer
Breathe | Calming Reminders for Mindful Breathing
The Five Minute Journal (Gratitude Journal App) A great way to bring mindfulness and gratitude to your day in a few short minutes.

Katie’s  Four Minute Meditation:
1. Find a comfortable sitting position (or lay down if you wish.)
2. Set a timer for 4 mins.
3. Close your eyes and begin to breathe.
4. Breathe in for 4 counts, hold breath for 4 counts, exhale for 4 counts, hold your exhale for 4 counts.

Adult Coloring Books & Colored Pencils

Sleep Optimization

Blue Blocker Glasses for late night screen use
F.lux app for your screens