“Working with Katie has helped me realize and actualize my dreams. Her coaching is supportive and encouraging as well as goal-oriented. Having Katie as my coach is like working with a tough best friend and mentor rolled into one amazing woman... She’s the best present I’ve given myself in a long time.” – A.K

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"Working with Katie has really changed my life. Katie has helped me to understand that getting healthy and losing weight is more than eating whole foods and being active. Her program has taught me that it’s about living a fulfilled and happy life and that the weight will fall off after that.” – RACHEL

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“Katie’s calm and accepting demeanor as well as her ability to relate opens the doors of discussion and perspective. She provides invaluable yet simple tools to help healthfully evaluate, process and discard the unnecessary crud lurking in our lives while embracing goodness and joy. Her services are truly a gift!” —KRISTIN

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“I feel emotional right now. Joyful. Present. Energized. I’m so grateful. My body is feeling the love and that feels awesome! This process is getting easier. Every meal counts! It’s a fun process for me.” —PAUL

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